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Gift of Time

CK has insisted I do something for myself. That I go away for a long weekend. By myself.

No dogs. No Cats. No Mom. No Work. No wife.

Just a total break away from everything. Her gift to me is to take care of it all so I can well and truly rest.

I've been struggling with this gift, to be honest. I feel a bit guilty, like I'm leaving behind a mess to pick up. I feel like I don't deserve such a luxury.

I don't think I've ever really taken a trip like this. Any time I've gone away by myself it has been for work, training of some sort, or sesshin practice (which is most certainly not restful). I've never been in the position to afford this luxury - afford the cost or the time. I've never had the kind of support that would let me do something like this.

She suggested Vancouver since it is such a short flight up and I had my passport redone this year for a work trip up there. She also suggested a little one-room cottage I've wanted to stay in at Ocean Haven. Situated up on a bluff, separate, and complete with a cozy bed before an enormous window overlooking the rocks which are popular with the sea lions.

So next weekend I'm going. Taking off from work a little early on Friday and coming back on Monday.

I'm even starting to look forward to it.

Exploring the rocks below Ocean Haven, March 2010

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