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News and 5 Summer Haiku

Well.... It has been quite the past six months or so. Mom's apparently doing fine on hew heart medication and wrestling with the concept of stress reduction for the ulcers. I'm searching more in earnest for a job, hoping to have something lined up by October. We've enjoyed the first cucumbers and cherry tomatoes of the season. Apparently there's some little orange eggplants I must go pick and enjoy too.

The wedding is less than 3 weeks away. There's a lot to be done even as simple as we've kept things. CK and I are apparently experiencing pre-wedding stress, which to us feels bad but my therapist assured me on Monday that it is actually perfectly ordinary. I suppose it further proves the point that a same-sex wedding is in no way different from a heterosexual one... we even get terribly stressed out!

CK has inspired me to experiment with making very large origami cranes. I made one yesterday out of watercolor paper and then painted it. I want to do one and paint it with clouds. We're going to put paper cranes of all sizes around the reception venue and encourage guests to take them home.

All that and a little summer haiku:

Sweetness of summer.
Stonefruit nestled together
In market basket.

The cats melt into
Sleeping puddles of warm fur.
Waiting for cool night.

Deep green summer leaves
Yet still adorn the lilac.
Look, brown edges form.

On hot days grateful
Sighs are heard in shady spots
Along the steep trail.

Cucumber hiding
Shyly under the low leaves.
Summer's abundance.