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Site Disclaimer and Comment Policy

You should read this.


Everything you will find on this site is my opinion except for comments written by others (those are the opinion of the writer, not me). You may agree or not agree with my opinions and that's fine, that's your opinion. We're all allowed to have opinions and it is honestly not my problem if you disagree with anything I express on this site.

Since this is my site I will write about what I want, when I want to. If you find something that bothers you it is not my responsibility to try and make it better for you. As this is my own personal site and project, you do not get to vote on what I do. If you make suggestions, I may very well just ignore them and you.


You are welcome to comment. In fact, I welcome your comments and a variety of discourse.

That said, I reserve the right to moderate and edit all comment threads as I see fit. I will delete your comment if it contains hateful content (based on race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.), is an personal attack against me or another commenter, is threatening, is obvious troll-generated content, or is using the copyrighted work of someone else. Yes, it is fine to quote someone's copyrighted work, but if you try to pass off a long excerpt as your own I will delete your comment.

Currently I moderate all comments before they are posted to the site. If your comment doesn't appear right away it may merely because I am busy Living Life. I'll get to it. If it is deleted, it was deleted. Again, this is my site and I am not required to post every comment. Again, I will not post your comment if it is hateful, offensive, trollish, or just generally mean-spirited crap.

When leaving comments you might want to consider that you shouldn't write something you wouldn't be willing to say to my face. If it would be something you'd be uncomfortable saying in a crowded room, directly in front of me, then maybe you shouldn't say it at all.

Don’t like it? Don’t comment. Don't visit my site if this bothers you.

Big tip of the hat to writer John Scalzi for the inspiration I took from his disclaimer and comments policy on his blog. Another hat tip to my marvelous wife who pointed me his blog.

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  1. Love the House Rules. Hey, I am having some trouble getting the new site into my blogspot feed. It doesn’t recognize the RSS site address, and doesn’t find a feed at the main address. Any suggestions oh technosavvy ones?

    Love the blog,

    • Thanks for the support on the “House Rules”. Those more negative comments I got on the “Not Going Pink” post got me thinking.

      Here’s my thoughts on the RSS stuff.

      When I just click the RSS button at the top of the page my Google account picks it up immediately and asks if I’d like to add it to Google Reader (my preferred method for aggregating my feeds). I’d think Blogger could find it too since it uses some of the Google tech. I just tried adding it by the direct URL via my Blogger dashboard and it picked it up.

      The link directly for the feed is this:

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