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Oh, Yeah, It Has Been Busy!

Today we met with someone who's embarking upon a new business as a professional organizer and in recapping the past several years to hear I realized something.

We have been really, incredibly busy. We continue to be terrifically busy between our respective demanding jobs and our commitment to our community. In explaining the following list:

  • My chronic pain
  • CK's chronic cough
  • The wedding
  • My infection (pleurisy, a few weeks following the wedding)
  • The home destruction/improvement project
  • My new job
  • CK's new job
  • Putting on multiple community events...
  • Mom's crises, health and otherwise

Seriously, that alone is enough to make us both remember that we're not lazy, we truly just swamped and we can't gain any momentum to get ahead on all the house stuff.

Then you add into my realization that a chaotic home environment, and our respective reactions to it, trigger some pretty early childhood stuff. For both of us. In a way that really puts us at odds with each other because it sends us each to a place of fear.

No wonder we feel so damn overwhelmed by the house all the time! After we talked with the new person, "think of me as a personal-trainer for organization", we went and had a treat (soft serve for CK and bubble tea for me), a walk in the spring sunshine, and we felt better.

We also got a lot done around the house today, including our first ever meal-planning session! We felt like we made some progress today.

A Canopy of Blossoms - Portland, Oregon - May 6, 2012