Like Words Together Reflections from the deep end of Practice.


On Endings

Drift of Cherry Blossoms - Wilsonville, Oregon - April 30, 2012


Everything changes.
This moment, always turning.
Endings. Beginnings.


Fading Blossom

Fallen Cactus Blossom - Portland, Oregon - April 28, 2012


Fallen, yet still bright.
Last color fading away,
Translucent, lovely.


Watery April Flowers

April showers bring
Flowers bedecked with raindrops,
Bursting with color.

Waterlogged Blossoms - Portland, Oregon - April 27, 2012

Flowers seen along the way, while walking to the bakery.


Friday Gratitude

Water Lily - Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco, California - October 2003

Sometimes I'm just blown away by my wife, in a good way. Not only does she help me through spots that are really tough for me, but she does it without it feeling like she pushing me along or dragging me a long with her ideas. Plus there's the whole being involved with an adult, someone who really is my partner. Who throws down with the tough shit and just starts getting stuff done.

We each have our own stuff we're working on, which makes things a challenge sometimes. Then there's the stuff that arises out of those raw moments when our own respective history and the baggage chafes together. It is hard, sometimes it is really hard. But I feel like we're really working on it together, as equals.

Today she went and picked up Mom from the hospital since I had 4 meetings sandwiched around teaching yoga... out at my office in the Southern Burbs. She took Mom to her apartment in the Eastern burbs, changed up her pill boxes, redid her insulin, found her walker in the closet, and made sure Mom went down to lunch. Then she made us dinner tonight and we watched a movie I'd wanted to see. Yeah, she's awesome.

Delicate flower.
Pink petals rising from muck.
Stronger than it looks.


More Goslings & Creative Thinking

Spring Goslings - Wilsonville, Oregon - April 26, 2012

CK and I trying to bring some creative thinking to things with Mom. Still in the planning stages, but we have some ideas that we're going to look into to see how feasible they are.

Today at work I took a little break and sat by the stream that runs through the campus. Nearby were some more of the goslings we see each spring, I think there's almost a dozen of them around the campus. Goslings in spring are definitely a perk!

Small feathered beings
Carefully guarded over
By cautious mothers.



Cherry Blossoms & Avoidance

Cherry Shrubs - Wilsonville, Oregon - April 23, 2012

Busy day and a therapy appointment in which I avoided talking deeply about what's been bugging me. Some days are like that.

The tomatoes we planted on Sunday are looking happy under their cloche. We hope to have fresh tomatoes by June!

Near the door I most often use to the building my office is in are some cherry shrubs of some sort. Delicate, pale blossoms, but instead of a tree they are pruned, shaped into spare, but tallish shrubs. They just started to bloom within the past couple of weeks. Once they're done they will have red leaves through until autumn.

Delicate blossoms.
Pale pink against the blue sky.
Fleeting spring treasures.


Enticing Bees

Bees & Purple Flowers - Parkdale, Oregon - October 2010

When we pay attention there's quite a lot to worry about. I worry about bees. Colony collapse disorder is something we should be more worried about. We depend upon bees in ways most people don't appreciate.

As much as we think about veggies to plant in our garden, we spend some time thinking about flowers to entice pollinators, like bees to visit our yard. Besides the general loveliness of the flowers we've been adding, they bring bees. It makes me very happy to see the bees buzzing around, gathering pollen. The big, fuzzy bumble bees particularly make me smile.

Watching the bee fly
I am full of gratitude:
Her work becomes food.


Winter Haiku. Spring Day.

Earth day today and Portland was blessed with puffy white clouds against a blue sky, shining sun, and weather warm enough for a t-shirt. Our new fence was struck today, with well-placed posts setting up. A bed is cleared and ready to plant as well. Tomorrow may find us on a picnic or at a nursery buying veggie starts!

Today we had Indian food, shopped at the Japanese market, and I plotted art projects today and made a Japanese inspired, spring dinner with grilled tofu, asparagus, snow peas, a sushi roll and rice balls. It really was too nice a day to beat myself up over not having gotten more useful things done.

Here's a winter haiku for a spring day:

White clouds. Blue water.
Winter sun brings welcome warmth
To the grey season.

Water Clouds - Powell Butte, Portland, Oregon - January 2011



Aloft - Westminster, Colorado, May 2011


Gorgeous burst of red.
A quick movement, nearly missed.
Butterfly aloft.


Siddhartha Dreams of the Way

Siddhartha Dreams of the Way - Portland, Oregon - October 2011


Dreaming of The Way
Siddhartha settles into
This present moment.