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Reviewing Reciepts at Open Source Bridge 2012

This has been a Hell of a year.

Stuff is still going on with Mom. We're still applying creative solutions and aid, but some things take time and can often run into new challenges and difficulties to try and greet with equanimity. Try being the operative word.

Conference season, still on-going, has provided extra stress along with the positives. I'm speaking next month at a conference held in Orlando, at a resort next door to Walt Disney World. CK is coming with me and taking a vacation.

Work has been tough for us both this year. For me just in the sheer amount of projects and day-to-day maintenance I'm working on combined with some stuff that leaves me feeling like my managers don't stick up for the good work we do. For CK the stress has been far more personal, unexpected, and has made for an especially challenging year.

This year has been a real "C" and "F" year. Yep, it has often been rather a cluster fuck. There's also been a lot of crying and fatigue.

Today was a tough day at work and I left feeling demoralized. I headed home to avoid being cranky around my friends. I tossed out a request on Twitter and Facebook, asking people to give me some definitions for my day brought to me by the letters "C" and "F".

Here's why I love the internet: within an hour I had several creative and hilarious answers. I'm sure by morning there will be more. Feel to add new ideas to the comments.

My Creative (Compassionate, Caring) Friends Suggested:

  • "Cookies and Fudge" @vmbrasseur
  • "Chickpeas and Falafel" @smartwatermelon
  • "Chaos! Flippityjibbit!" @noirinp
  • "Celebrity Fires: The reality show about famous arsonists" - Steven
  • "Cat farts, crazy filberts, candy coated fig flippers, fuzzy critters, crumb-covered feline" - @geekgirl33
  • "Curiously fantastic" - Crystal
  • "Canned frappuccinos" - @cayleehogg
  • "FlusterCluck" @GenshoWelsh
  • "Frosted cake! Like, you know, extended birthday goodness." @capnleela

Just a good lesson in reaching out to people when I feel like I need support. I'm so grateful for the many amazing people in my life and for the technology that keeps us connected.

And I am totally going to think of the word "FlusterCluck" the next time I'm really pissed off in a meeting. It can be my mantra to help stay present and open, which can be a real challenge at work some days.

Hopefully I will manage to not snort with laughter while in front of my team.