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Big Blue Ball and Summer Market

Listening to Big Blue Ball finally. Hearing snippets about it for the past 15+ years it is a real pleasure to finally hear it. AM felt that perhaps some songs showed a little age having sat around on tape for years. I've found the songs range pretty wildly, which is to be expected. One hit me a little off but that's more likely due to listening to it after a yoga class, dinner and after 9PM when I'm feeling a little more chill.

I went up to the farmers' market a little before noon. It was already brimming with people getting lunch, flowers, or other purchases. I knew CK and I were going to make dinner after yoga this evening so I went to seek out some fresh raspberries or cherries to be our dessert. I did my usual tour around the small, but packed market and then settled on purchasing a pint of golden raspberries; delicate and glowing in the sun. I'd noted some of the "cue ball" zucchini squash we've put into our garden (ours are the size of pencil erasers right now) and picked up two lemon-sized ones to saute. While standing in line to pay for them I stood next to a pile of beautiful carrots and was unable to resist picked a bunch of yellow and orange ones. I also found a lovely variegated sage start to plant in our garden.
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