Like Words Together Reflections from the deep end of Practice.


CK saves the evening

CK and I rode over to Prananda for asana practice and somewhere after we went over the freeway I hit a nail. It sounded like a rock but at a light we saw what looked like a tack. I made it to the studio but after class we came out and discovered the tire was flat. When CK pulled the metal out we saw it was a good sized nail!

She pulled out her tools and proceeded to save the evening by pulling out the tube, patching it, putting it back on, her pump wasn't working right but some people walking past loaned us one. And the tire's back on, low pressure but in acceptable range for the tires. Tomorrow I will ride it over to Bike Gallery and have them check things. I'll also pick up a spare tube, tools, patch kit, etc. CK & I are going to look around for a bike repair class to take together.
We stopped at Thai Ginger for dinner after class and while trying to lock my bike to a street sign it fell over! Some of the zip ties CK had secured my crate on the rack snapped off in the fall. We got into the restaurant and found out they were only doing take out. I felt just cranky and defeated by the day.

CK jumped in and said we'd eat outside, just have out take out front. In the end they made us noodles and ended up serving us, on plates, bringing us water, and everything. Mostly they just wanted to keep the indoors clean! Thankfully the dinner was tasty, quick and helped some of the sensation of defeat. The rest of the ride home was mostly flat or downhill, so that helped improve the evening hugely.

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