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Creating Dinner at the Farmer’s Market

AM and I finally both got up, got dressed and went over to the Hollywood District this morning. I was on a mission to buy produce for us and CK. She was attending WordCampPDX so I had her list of produce to pick up. High on the list were more apples from Kiyokawa Orchards, Romanesco broccoli, greens, beets, broccoli, carrots, and anything else that appealed to me!

It was overcast and chilly out although the forecast called for warmer weather. By 10AM the sun was trying to burn through some of the clouds as I made my way through the people at the market and live polka music filled the air. I quickly stepped into the bustle of the market, exchanged an ATM card swipe for some wooden tokens to shop with, and got out my list.
Dinner for later came together as I purchased beets. The cylindrical type of beet is a little easier to work with for raw slices for salads, or so my bias thinks, so I was attracted to Persephone Farm's stall and the bunches of them, complete with greens. I also selected some beautiful broccoli being set out and two small heads of the Romanesco broccoli. As I stood in line to pay they were setting out lovely Lacinato, or "dinosaur" style kale. Long, sweeping leaves of it and I asked for a bunch. One dinner item down -- kale and beet greens braised in balsamic vinegar.
I selected carrots from a stalls somewhere midway to Kiyokawa's spot. Finally at the apples I got over a dozen Pink Pearls, about 8 Honey Crisp, as well as some Ginger Golds, Tsuguro, and McKintosh varieties. While in line I happily sampled slices other varieties they put out. By the time I weighed everything, for both homes, there were $30 in apples! I was utterly unsurprised and willingly handed over my money. We all wanted lots and I had intentionally bought extra apples to make a recipe for apple preserves I read in the NYTimes.
Picked up the last of the things on CK's list at her favorite vendor. I wish I'd waited to get Romanesco there -- they had enormous, amazing ones. I've never seen any get that large before. I also picked up a Delicata squash there, which finalized dinner for me.
CK and I both love squash so I planned to roast the small Delicata I'd just purchased. That served along with the beet greens & kale and some barley sounded just lovely. I figured I'd ask if she were more interested in vegan sausage or some tempeh and we'd be set.

I love putting together dinner around what looks most appealing at the market.

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