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Writing and Thinking About Yoga

I've spent some time tonight writing for my yoga teacher training class. It also aligns with some things CK and I've talked about over the weekend, writing content for a real web presence. I kept things very short for the moment, just summarizing things at a high level to share with two of my fellow students. After we've collaborated on what to present to our whole class on Saturday I'll expand into more detail about Ahimsa and Asteya. I'll eventually write short bits about each of the Yamas and Niyamas.

I didn't make it as far as I would have liked today figuring out a login page. Started building some things, but not 100% it is the best solution. I think I'm going to do some work tomorrow on the older, Perl based tool that needs updating. Will be nice to feel like I'm making some real progress! At times working on this rewrite stuff is fun, at other times it makes me want to find a way to not do development anymore! I ended the day feeling like I should have really worked on the presentation or the metrics report!

After dinner this evening CK worked on a flyer for the yoga class going on for the next few weeks at the Dharma center. MB had sent out an email with many details, the 3 classes will study the six paramitas. Paramitas are considered methods by which we perfect our practice and MB is offering yoga classes around them. I helped by coming up with a few words for the flyer and in doing so came up with an idea I suggested to MB.

I grouped the six paramitas in twos, thinking that's how a class would go. It put shakti and vriya together -- acceptance and effort, peace and courage. I immediately thought of some of the balance, deep and strength poses we use. The way we have to approach those poses with both shakti and vriya in order to not merely endure, but thrive in our practices. MB had asked if I might have some interest in co-teaching some of this short series with her, so I shared my thoughts.

It was nice just hanging out tonight. Watching things with AM in the background, writing things for my teacher training, and helping CK was just a nice way to spend the evening and I enjoyed it very much. For feeling like I didn't get much done at work today, it feels like a good day regardless.

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