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I am up later than I'd like to be awaiting CK arriving home from the airport and picking up our first house guest. I have just spent the past hour or so moving boxes, running the vacuum, finding and putting some bedding on the convertible sofa in the living room. That is after going over to the Green Dragon late this afternoon where I worked on some test plans.

We had planned to go to a couple's retreat at Great Vow this weekend, but Atari is sick again. This time there's concern that he may be diabetic in addition to the usual infections he is prone to. The stress of that, the extra pills, and everything else had us deciding not to go to the retreat, to stay home with the cats instead.

When we decided to stay home one of CK's dearest friends from college decided to come up for an impromptu visit! That we have boxes everywhere a guest could be is not a deterrent it appears. Our first house guest, it is nice even though rather chaotic. I'm glad we get to do this even though right now I'm just beat!

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