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Friday Gratitude

Water Lily - Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco, California - October 2003

Sometimes I'm just blown away by my wife, in a good way. Not only does she help me through spots that are really tough for me, but she does it without it feeling like she pushing me along or dragging me a long with her ideas. Plus there's the whole being involved with an adult, someone who really is my partner. Who throws down with the tough shit and just starts getting stuff done.

We each have our own stuff we're working on, which makes things a challenge sometimes. Then there's the stuff that arises out of those raw moments when our own respective history and the baggage chafes together. It is hard, sometimes it is really hard. But I feel like we're really working on it together, as equals.

Today she went and picked up Mom from the hospital since I had 4 meetings sandwiched around teaching yoga... out at my office in the Southern Burbs. She took Mom to her apartment in the Eastern burbs, changed up her pill boxes, redid her insulin, found her walker in the closet, and made sure Mom went down to lunch. Then she made us dinner tonight and we watched a movie I'd wanted to see. Yeah, she's awesome.

Delicate flower.
Pink petals rising from muck.
Stronger than it looks.

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  1. I enjoy your haiku.
    The idea of such a strong, beautiful flower coming out of mucky muck, reminds me of the amazing wonder of breathing even while we’re in the middle of our “stuff”.

    • Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts! You’ve summed up so well how I see the lotus. Such grace and beauty arising from muck!

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