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Celebrate What

I had naively hoped there would be a ban on fireworks sales this year. We're still in a pandemic, it isn't getting better, and we should still be physically distancing. Cops are still killing Black people. Cops in Oregon are swearing about the Governor and defying her order to wear a mask indoors.

American individualism and exceptionalism is a failed model.

Society needs people to want to do things for the good of the collective, but we've got a country filled with selfish individuals.

Fireworks were being shot off in the neighborhood tonight. This year it is making me angrier than ever before.

What the fuck is there to celebrate in 2020?

What's worse. People aren't doing it to celebrate anything. They're doing it because they're bored and they find it find to maker loud explosions that upset all the animals and humans sensitive to sudden noise. It's just gross.

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