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Obie Meds

It's going better, well he hasn't drawn any more blood. He bit me again tonight, left a bruise through my hoody.

The bite doesn't look good. CK is worried so we took a picture with a ruler to compare how it looks tomorrow. She asked me to message our doctor to ask how urgently I need a tetanus shot, or antibiotics if it isn't improving. I'm icing it before I sleep.

I got some CBD oil today and gave him a little with dinner. He's mostly chill, aside from biting me, didn't want 2nd dinner. It worries me we he's not food motivated. I'm worried I gave him too much.

I'm so grateful to neighborhood stores that do a good job with mask policies.

Today I tried out the Foodsaver! I'm stocking up the freezer with meat for CK. I'm going to inventory the dry goods, fill in the gaps between now and the election.

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