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Ten Years

It wasn't the tenth wedding anniversary we envisioned, but we got through it with laughter and love.

We awoke to news that the fires have slowed, the 2 nearest didn't merge overnight, and marine sir was beginning to flow inland from the coast. It was such a relief to find out we didn't need to pack up today.

Ash is still falling and the air quality goes back and forth between hazardous and very unhealthy. Portland had the weirdest air quality in the world today. We're wearing ventilator masks whenever we need to take the dogs out, get mail, or even go to the garage.

I also decided Ethiopian food wasn't worth the hassle to drive across town with the ventilator mask on, then need to switch out to a COVID mask to pick up the food, then mask up again to drive home. We had spaghetti, we had all the ingredients at home.

We put an air purifier in the bedroom and are keeping the door closed as it runs constantly. It has made it so we didn't wake up with raw throats. That and or efforts with the plastic yesterday have paid off.

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