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Dread not Optimism

CK asked me this evening what I think will happen tomorrow. I had to reply that I really didn't know.

2016 taught us not to trust polls. We know that people were misleading them intentionally. We know not to trust our broken Electoral College.

We know that we're one of the hotbeds of militia activity. We know T* supporters are behaving like Brownshirts and cops nationwide are enabling it.

My discussion group for the "Seeing White" podcast had some folks who are feeling optimistic. I'm not one of them, I'm just feeling so much dread.

It wasn't helped by the Governor declaring a preemptive state of emergency starting at 5pm this evening. There's all kinds of businesses boarded up.

Clearly everything will be done to protect property, not people, not our votes.

I'm wrapping up the last grocery pickup and getting fuel in the vehicles tomorrow. Then we're hunkering down. I'm going to open up a Zoom in the afternoon and invite folks to just come hangout online with us.

I'm already exhausted.

On the positive side of today. I was approved for 13 more weeks of pandemic unemployment assistance! I also delighted myself making a cover comic for my new journal, that I'll add to periodically, just for comics!

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