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Still Thankful

For the first time since CK and I got together we had no guests over for Thanksgiving dinner. We've had anywhere from 1 to 15 guests each year for Friendsgiving.

A dear friend did pop by briefly with a few dishes for us to enjoy. We in turn sent home with her some of everything but the pies. Our fridge is chock full of tasty food!

Sending over meals was unplanned, but since we decided to make our classic dishes and had plenty, I thought to make up plates to send. CK and I both recalled saving some takeout containers. Then she asked if I saved the thermal bags her creamer gets delivered in!

The pies came from a different bakery and I got us each one! CK's has egg and dairy, mine is vegan. Both gluten free in an almond flour short crust style shell. This too helped since our favorite bakery closed and I was feeling really sad about it again, when I realized we didn't have a place for pies!

The kitten continues to delight us. He's teething and can be pretty bitey, but mostly he's a love.

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