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So it goes. A new year is here but existence is still fraught. Time feels even more like this construct these days.

With that in mind, some hopes for the New Year.

I'm hopeful vaccines will become available to us. I am hopeful I will get access more quickly than CK since I'm a hospice volunteer, this is good since I have more exposure.

I'm hopeful we'll be able to have routine health appointments next year, things like having our teeth cleaned.

I'm hopeful that CK and I will continue to work together to support each other.

I'm hopeful that I will integrate several more terrible years of childhood trauma, giving me more balance and presence.

I am hopeful that we'll survive without Unemployment Insurance payments, even if it scares me.

I'm hopeful we'll really make a budget.

I am hopeful that we'll get rid of a lot of stuff and get better about having a cleaner, more organized home environment.

I am hopeful that we'll get the taxes caught up and paid off, somehow.

I am hopeful that CK's company will address relocation assistance and we will begin our move to Canada.

I am hopeful it will be safe to take long drives and walk on the beach again.

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