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Friday Feels

It's been a tiring week. CK has a lot of work stress brought on by a mediocre white, male manager. Thankfully her team really supports her, but it's still exhausting to help her take care for herself in it all.

I'm tired of the usual games white men play and of COVID. I don't even have the energy to get properly angry about it all.

The taxes are in again. A small group signed up for my workshop, so that's happening tomorrow. I spent today updating my handout to talk about what at home people can use for supporting meditation.

I got us takeout to celebrate making out to Friday and getting the taxes in again. When I got home I discovered ants had overrun the kitchen sink! Then I found two things in the fridge that were still supposed to be good were questionable. By the time I tried to dish up I was disgusted by the very idea of food!

I got over it and we hung out discussing the over-confidant white man while gaming.

I am finishing up a card that's going to London. I'm the rematch for someone who's card never showed up and I'm sending the one I made along with a Portland themed holiday card and a letter about Portland, the thing this person asked for.

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