Like Words Together Reflections from the deep end of Practice.


Historic Debate

We attempted watching the Vice Presidential debate this evening. We reached a point where listening was too much. Then it was too much with closed captioning and we played a game while I had a glass of wine.

I took the first of what will be many trips to Goodwill today. The last t-shirt from Open Source Bridge is gone! All those bins we ended up with are empty! That’s the last of the merchandise we ended up with.

Friday I’m picking up stuff from people, as well as more from us, to drop off at the drive for Join.

Obie has put weight on! He’s pretty content the past few days, which makes us feel happy. I’m still getting up early to give him food, but it's working.

Called Nespresso today, our machine is definitely a problem! A new one is already on its way to us! It was a very pleasant experience, especially after my nearly 3-hour hold with the Employment Division yesterday!


Forward Together

I slept terribly last night, waking up every couple of hours with anxiety. CK had really awful heartburn brought on by chili for dinner after a day of processing rage over SCOTUS news, which kept walking her up. It wasn’t a great night.

I thought about taking a big nap, but instead focused on getting through to the Employment Division. There was some Animal Crossing and I got the fancy Air Doctor purifier set up in the bedroom. It’s enormous, but it should help us both.

I keep picking up and losing the takeout menu for the place we used to go for conveyor belt sushi. I carefully asked CK what she wanted, went into the bedroom, called the restaurant, and promptly got the order wrong! She told me she thought she didn’t heard me order everything, but assumed she misheard.

Nope, I was just that tired!


Sundays with That Jerk

I've been tired all day long. I even took a nap after having breakfast, but still feel lousy. I had a hard time getting enough energy to do much productive.

While I know I'm supposed to rest, that it's necessary, but at the same time I feel like more work needs doing than I'll ever have energy to do anymore. So days where I'm not making the dinner I planned or busting out tasks feel like failure. Still.

I finally told CK that I was really grumpy and asked her to play some games with me for a little while. I also realized that I'd been having a headache for a while and took some ibuprofen.

This infuriated the Inner Jerk, who really felt I shouldn't be having fun. Talking to CK and playing some games, along with changing to what we call "school lunch dinner" (frozen things to the rescue), helped shrink the Jerk down small enough to show up in today's comic.


Art Break

Today instead of my usual yoga my art group met. Online, as we have been since April.

I played on an idea someone suggested making Day of the Dead altars. As a white woman with no real roots in Mexico I felt uncomfortable with this and pointed out that I felt it was problematic.

While this gave food for thought, it took away a project! So I offered something about the different ways ancestor veneration is part of so many cultures, compared to the USA, which is very death averse. I then talked about personal ancestors, plus the side note that you don't have to honor people who were terrible. Then a meditation, so still some yoga.

People created powerful pieces! I am still moved by it.

I made a comic of myself teaching today.


Wear a Fucking Mask

Welp, our President hosted a super-spreader event. More and more reports of people who attended the White House Rose Garden event where they announced the ghoul they want to replace RBG with. The world has reacted with mostly derision.

Then I watched, from the takeout window, from my car, a maskless, white woman inside explain her confusing order, repeat herself, then step to the side of the plexiglass to pay and exclaim how much she loves the food! She was also telling the staff person how she wanted to come in herself!

With no mask. Inside the building. She loves the food, but online ordering was too hard with her order and she wanted to just come herself!!!!

At the point, if you have a condition that precludes you from wearing a mask you shouldn't be going inside places! This woman said that she just bypassed the system to come in and out people at risk.

So, in honor of "COVID Catie", I made my second comic!


Drawtober Instead

I find most of the art challenges intimidating, especially ones that feature realistic drawing. With all the new supplies I've picked up, between a birthday shopping trip and from the Maido-in-a-Box sets, I thought I'd challenge myself. I even have a special box to pick up for this month.

Then I read about Alphonso Dunn and the way that Jake Parker used his ideas. Then trademarked the popular challenge this month, using that to sue other artists selling their collections of drawings based on his trademarked daily prompts.

I read all the alternate ideas and prompt lists, then I finally decided to create my first comic! I'm inspired by "Making Comics" by Lynda Barry, a gift from CK for my birthday.

CK is also going to draw each day. No prompts either, just whatever inspires her that day.

Here's Day 1. In which I am disappointed and decide to do my own thing or, A theme for my life.