Like Words Together Reflections from the deep end of Practice.


Something Nice for Myself

This morning we woke up early and headed downtown to CK's office building across the street from Backspace. A studio moving sale a floor above her office listed having a microwave for sale which we picked up. No more cold leftover lunches!

Microwave-mission accomplished we headed over to Blossoming Lotus for some brunch. I finally tried out the live wrap and CK ordered then Indian bowl. The wrap -- carrots, sprouts, & cashew creme rolled into kale leaves with a side of some kind of creamy, cilantro sauce -- was delicious, if messy. The curried veggies in the Indian bowl were tasty and the curry rich and satisfying over brown rice (I know, I had the leftover for a late lunch later).

Powell's was next for coffee/tea and wi-fi. Being that it was an increasingly nice day Powell's was already pretty busy by 11AM. CK spotted a table while I ordered our drinks. She read a new JQuery book she had just received while I jotted down some notes on a guided visualization to use at the end of a yoga class, Savasana. When I finished I popped upstairs and found another great Lonely Planet guide and we talked about birthday trip ideas until it was time for me to head to Prananda for another day of teacher training.

At last Saturday's class Joy had told all of the teacher trainees that we had to do something nice for ourselves this week. I've felt a little like a faker on it this week, not really making an effort at it. In reading E's blog post about really taking time to fully experience and be present for the blessings in her life really struck me a lot. How we don't have to make some grand gesture at all in doing something for ourselves.

I reigned in my Inner Critic and let up on feeling guilty for just not having the mental resources to write an OSCON proposal this year. It was due on Tuesday and Monday found me just staring at a screen with no ability to really pull anything complete together. I'm letting myself feel excited about the prospect of a birthday trip, a BIG trip, in fact the biggest trip I've ever taken in my life so far! I asked for and received a happy offer to help me in my goal for my 40th birthday -- to start the day in an unsupported headstand! To all of that I get to add a really wonderful morning today.

Despite the intense pressure going on right now with work (the weekday job that supports my Practice), with the huge changes in my personal life, and the uncertainty around my Mom's health -- despite all that I can be present for all of the beauty, joy and Love that is there too. That is the nicest thing I can ever do for myself and for the people I interact with. Practice, be present.


Evening Bike Rides

CK and I decided to go out to dinner downtown at Blossoming Lotus. It was so nice out, warm but not hot, perfect for riding. I even had to admit that the sun set glowing in the Willamette was beautiful as we road over the Broadway Bridge.

The restaurant was packed, as it seems to be whenever we are there. We stood around, which I didn't mind after all the car time. Much laughter was had by many due to a toddler walking around and pressing his face up against the glass outside making faces. We spotted an outdoor table come up and sat down. A dog outside got ill and the owners inside came out. The ended offering to trade tables (they were inside), just seemingly jumping us ahead of people in line to be seated! Orders were already in, we got the the other couple's order and ate part of the salad before they came out calling my name with our order.
Yeah, hilarity and yummy food ensues. The cajun tempeh platter was very tasty. On the edge of hot for CK and I had to pace bites of the cajun gravy lest I feel my ears burning a little. The mistaken seaweed salad was very tasty and we were glad to have tried it. Although I may have to go back soon for the Garden of Eden salad, which is what we'd order and I'd been wanting.
We then strolled around going to the Whole Foods for dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs. On into Powell's where I found three books despite going in with the intent to buy nothing. This has been a known danger for me with Powell's my entire life. What I picked up: The Inner Circle by T.C. Boyle, The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry and a children's ABC book with very lovely, collage-style artwork, The Zen ABC.
Such a nice evening. Not too hot, but shirt sleeve comfortable. So much fun to be able to hop on the bicycles and go downtown that way. CK and I had some fun laughing about our helmets, attached to our bags, bonking against each other as we walked around together. We have had such tension and anxiety that it was lovely to laugh together tonight.