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Dentist Day

Wow, what a day. I was feeling OK about the dentist appointment until about an hour before it happened and then the tension surrounded me like a cape, pulling on the front of my chest. I didn't feel panicked as much, but I was just taut and cold. Finally I took some Xanax before we left and it settled in by the time the dentist was working on my teeth. Although I think it would have been good to have had it a little earlier so the cleaning and flossing would have been a little less intense (I particularly dislike someone flossing my teeth).

It went fine and my teeth are good, although they'd like to do some sealants on several of the teeth to protect them from getting cavities. I dislike the idea of more visits, but it would better than getting cavities and having the more invasive work done. AM and I were out of there after about an hour and got home in time for me to do a little more work before packing up to go to yoga.
In some ways class and the effort to bicycle there felt frustrating. I still felt foggy from the Xanax, my mouth still feels sensitive and I just felt tired out. Although I had a peach and a smoothie before going to class I felt really depleted afterward and a bicycle ride home seemed a daunting task made even more so by finding I had a flat tire when we came out. CK heroically fixed my flat then suggested we stop and have dinner at Thai Ginger.
I'm just so glad to be crawling into bed in just a moment. Curling up under the covers with CK and going to sleep in a while. I was trying so hard to be positive today but I was just feeling at low reserves and was hugely grateful that CK didn't seem too bothered by it. She just stepped in helped me and was gentle with my crankiness.
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