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I'm too tired and burned out feeling to write about me today so instead I'll talk about seeing Coraline instead.

I read the book when it came out and like pretty much everything Neil Gaiman has put down, I found it charming, thoroughly engaging, and in the bits where it was supposed to be, creepy. I've never lost my appreciation for chapter books for young readers, picture books and other such things and as a person who's appreciated Mr. Gaimen's work for quite a long time (it was 1988, I'd finished reading Black Orchid and became an immediate fan) I was delighted when he started writing books aimed at young readers.

When I read the news that Henry Selick was adapting Coraline for a movie I was really hopeful it would be wonderful. The Nightmare Before Christmas has been a favorite of mines since seeing it the week it was released. As news further developed that the film was being done in Portland by a fledgling company, Laika, I was completely draw into the anticipation.

Life has been such increasing madness and CK has been sick since Friday, which has hampered plans to see it. I'd heard from a couple of people that it was really fun to see it in 3D, worth the effort of trying to squeeze it in mid-week (since the Jonas Brothers thing is going to bump the 3D version come Friday). All that in mind I rushed over to pick her up at 4:40, she didn't look well but was gamely getting herself together so we could make it over to Lloyd.

Love the trick with the Fandango machine... No, don't go to the bother of pre-ordering the tickets, just use the machine to purchase them directly and go directly to theater. So much better than standing in line to get tickets and I continue to be surprised at how many people haven't figured this out. I'm actually one of them, CK figured this trick out.

For the record, I've never actually seen any movie in 3D before. Several comics, yes, but never a movie. Having seen this I'm glad I waited until the technology was this far along, at times it was really quite striking how detailed the 3D effects were, particularly in scenes were things were floating through the air. Very happy to have made the effort to see it this evening despite the rushing and feeling a wee bit guilty for having CK out when she clearly feels poorly.

Visually this is a stunning film on many levels. I loved the vibrancy of the colors especially since the loss of them as the story nears the end is all the more striking for it. The real life, hand crafted things were as amazing as all the comments I've read. Craft has been buzzing with images, comments, and adoration for the miniature knit gloves. Everything has such focus on the details and accuracy. It is truly inspiring for any DIY person!

And the adaptation of the story was charming, sweet and true to the original. At times, when called for, it is downright creepy and sinister. I particularly loved the voices of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders as Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible. I wondered and hoped that Ian McShane had a fabulous time voicing Mr. Bobinski. The unexpected appearance of a TMBG composition was a delightful surprise!

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