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On the edge of illness

I've felt exhausted and not fully well pretty much all week. Haven't been ready to call myself "sick" yet, but just not well or at my usual standards. On top of that, or because of that I've felt extra down on myself all week. Something about feeling on the edge of illness that brings out my inner critic.

I actually decided to take off the planned yoga class for this evening and we gave our usual Friday night event, watching BSG at the Bagdad after eating Fujin's while waiting in the queue to get in. CK's still not fully back to health and I look as exhausted as I feel, so it seemed like a good evening to just hang around, make some tacos (used pinto beans in my "Quickie Lentils" recipe - yum!), watch something from iTunes, and look at the theater season.

We're starting late tomorrow, 3:30, because Joy has caught this bug going around. I feel hugely relieved that I'll get so much of my Saturday free tomorrow. After the intensity of last Saturday, which I'm still feeling tonight, I felt hugely grateful for the rest tomorrow.

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