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Just had a moment of realizing something I ordered wasn’t the right thing, which wouldn’t have happened if I’d been looking at packaging in person instead of on a website. Nothing in the order seems quite right.

I might just be tired. I’ll look at things again in the morning. The one thing, a replacement phone case, is wrong.

I didn’t make a list and I forgot fresh fruit.

I found out something I use for maintaining my pain is going to be in short supply, necessitating extra errands this weekend.

I was up late again, my brain kicks back to insomnia after therapy sometimes, and then had unsettled dreams. Puck woke us at 4:10 this morning by enthusiastic scratching that knocked his cardboard toy onto the floor. I was up and down the hall quickly because my dreams.

It is all so frustrating. I’m mindful of the urge to minimize my irritation by saying to myself, “not that I’ve got anything to complain about...”

Yes, I have it relatively easy and still I feel ground down but all the inconvenience, actual or feared shortages, and by the overwhelming sense that the world isn’t safe.

Tomorrow we’ll eat fresh Sugar Snap Peas from our garden with dinner. We’ll play games, and I’ll be grateful and frustrated at once.

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