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Today I found out where I can drop off household goods, clothing, etc. I also left a message with some trash haulers. Trying to get unstuck on some projects that involve getting rid of stuff first. I've had a mattress in my van for just over a year now!

I miss clothing swaps. That's something that really doesn't work so well in these pandemic days, a room full of excited people trying on clothing. I have a lot to go and I suppose Goodwill will be the best option. Somehow it makes me sad, although it's not as hard as contemplating throwing things out because we cannot donate.

I admire minimalist style, butt I'm always wonderer where the people who live in these spaces are hiding devices, cables, pens, and such things.

I suppose you have a brain shift where, instead of physical treasures, you have this gift of empty space. I kind of get out and then, like an otter, I'm holding onto my favorite rocks!

I get to see my physical therapist tomorrow. It's been over 3 months and I am pleased I've done as well as I have. I'm also hurting a lot more the past few weeks and having muscle spasms; nightmares, reality, and trauma therapy after adding up.

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