Like Words Together Reflections from the deep end of Practice.



We've been struggling to eat and so have the cats. Obie really lost weight dramatically, we've gotten home eating again with much coaxing, nutritional yeast, and bonito flakes.

Puck hasn't eaten in the past 24 hours and he's been eating just a few mouthfuls before that. I think his stomach is upset. Calling the vet tomorrow if he's still not eating. Ink realty worried.

CK had beg waking up anxious and in pain. We think physical pain wakes her, but her hee groggy mind flips to panic. We didn't have a good night at all last night.

Once she got to sleep I then slept fitfully, waking every time she moved, worried she was awake again. We picked up a supplement her PMHNP recommend, I'm hoping we can get the what're sleeping is acceptable again.

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