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Koans and Other Tools

I had a lot of moments of just staring off at nothing today.

I read something about American passports, which once were a guarantee of access, are nearly useless now. We're a plague state. I felt trapped here and was grateful when I shared this fear with CK that sure took me seriously.

I'm grateful for all the times she takes me seriously. I have been told so often that I'm overreacting or being too dramatic. All that was gaslighting, but I'm still so grateful when I'm not dismissed.

The federal cops are in Portland because the President sent them. Local cops hasn't already sufficiently brutalized there population.

I thought about the koan about chopping wood and carrying water. Before and after enlightenment, same thing.

Chop wood, carry water.

Making meals, folding laundry, pulling weeds, washing dishes. Just do the tasks that need doing.

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