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Hello August

My birthday month has begun, I’ll be 51 towards the end of the month. A number that feels weird, I never thought about being this age. Part of me just couldn’t visualize it, perhaps even doubted I’d live this long.

I’m planning some days off, maybe we’ll even drive to the beach on one of those days. Maybe we’ll just have a picnic in the yard.

Given that we’re back to 1000+ deaths a day from COVID-19, we might not want to chance driving far.

We’ve already wondered once or twice if this will be the year no one comes for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Meanwhile the ghouls running the country continue to try and destroy healthcare and the postal service because people need to vote by mail.

I’m grateful for more carrots and cucumbers from our garden. Especially carrots that look like they desperately need the loo.

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