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Plodding Along

I didn't sleep really well last night, I also had stayed up past 1:30am, and wasn't able to sleep in on account of Obie wanting food and my needing to go to the bathroom. If I get up at all when Obie's on the prowl, he's away at full yowl until fed. I even tried to give him some kibble, but it didn't help.

I avoided napping today in hopes it would help me get to bed earlier. I am actually closer to getting to bed by midnight tonight. I've already boxed, done the chores I'm doing tonight, and brushed my teeth. Just putting up this update and a little bedtime meditation.

Obie, who it turns out has developed a sensitive stomach, threw up some of his dinner. He ate a little of his bedtime meal, but not all, and now is yowling at me because he's still hungry. I don't want to give him more or any of the kibble, in case that's what caused him to throw up some dinner; he'd had kibble at 4:15 this afternoon. I think the kibble has trout in it and he definitely can't have salmon.

Despite my plodding energy all day, I found a new CSA delivery to start the 1st of September. I'm finding more ways to have things delivered to us to save me both the time and the stress of going out to shop. I also got quite a bit of laundry done.

And despite all of that I'm feeling so angry tonight. Boxing didn't give me a break from it. I'm glad I did it and was happy to see that the new technique of blocking is easier for me than the walking movements are. Usually it helps my feeling ragey, but not tonight. Obie isn't helping.

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