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Armed Checkpoints

This has had attention certainly, but I personally keep getting stuck on this.

As fires burned, as the evacuation zone crept ever closer to our home, armed people decided to make checkpoints in Molalla, Corbett, and other towns.

My Mother grew up in Corbett. Until we had to suddenly move her out of there in 2007, she was still partially living there! Our last dealings out there were with her last ex-husband's family who had taken all her money out of her accounts. It was a fiasco.

When I heard the news about armed, white men in Corbett I immediately thought of this family. I could see the son of my Mother's husband standing out there, along with his uncle.

It sounds like much of the Santiam Highway is burned to a crisp and closed indefinitely. Several years ago, when CK and I spent her birthday in Bend, I made a point to take us there via this highway, I considered it to be one of the most beautiful drives in the whole State.

Breitenbush's lodge and some vital infrastructure buildings remain, but all the guest cabins, the Sanctuary, and many other buildings are all gone.

Detroit, Oregon, is gone.

2,300 residential buildings in Medford are gone.

Still though, it's the armed checkpoints that haunt me and leave me feeling like it isn't safe to leave the Metro area ever again.

We're hoping for clearing skies Friday morning. I'm grateful for the dogs and that Obie was energetic enough to be annoying today.

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