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Safe to Feel

I received one of those compliments that leaves me bemused and wondering.

In yoga class today we acknowledged the anger, the rage we’re feeling. I stressed that anger is a valid response to an unjust world. I shared what I learned about anger from acupuncture; it’s the energy of spring, the power of the shot to break the shell of the seed.

We acknowledged the way women are taught to stuff down our rage lest we be labeled, “an angry woman”. How much shame comes up around anger.

I was humbled to hear that they are so grateful I have created a safe space for them to feel and express their anger!

I’m someone who feels fearful and ashamed of my anger, but I’m trying to embrace it now. I’m learning to pay attention to what it is trying to tell me.

Obie made a guest appearance today. He’s been very social and extra hungry today.

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