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Suicide Prevention

The Question, Persuade, Refer training today was really helpful. It provided better language for talking with someone who might be suicidal. We were encouraged to practice asking people if they are in danger of self harm.

Most people respond positively to being asked and open up. Many who turn away from an attempt become less likely to attempt again.

Suicide is preventable.

As someone who's been affected deeply by the suicides of friends, I can't help but think of them. I feel the complicated grief come up again, yearning for those friendships. I'm also aware of the even more complex grief about my Mother and the way she weaponized her depression and suicidal ideation to get sympathy or compliance.

After the workshop I napped a little under the weighted blanket. I'd had another terrible night's sleep, so I was feeling like a wall hit me!

Ursa was extra snuggly today, which helps so much!

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