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Weight of Memories

Today felt hard.

I spent much of the morning arguing with my Mother's bullshit that decided to play on my head. Connecting with students lightened my mood a little, but I spent the rest of the day feeling exhausted.

I felt shame. The nagging feeling that I should be doing more with my time off from commuting. That we have it relatively easy and safe, but I'm weighed down by memories and the dread of the coronavirus.

Every other day I've noted the USA death toll on this month's art journal signature. I take the number from the CDC website. Today it me know that across two days nearly 5,500 people have died.

‪Still, there was the rain falling and Camillia flowers that drop off so perfectly before they decay.‬ I spent some time under the eaves admiring them in the damp.

‪Spring rain hangs heavy.‬
‪Raindrops on fallen flowers.‬
Weight of memories.‬‪

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