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Soup & Sympathy

I have our pantry stocked well enough that, with the weekly produce delivery, I don't need to go out much. As COVID grows more highly contagious, this is a real benefit to keeping us healthy.

Today was going to be a rare excursion for some specialty food items; mostly tofu from the best tofu shop in town. It's nearly 10 miles across town and is worth the effort. I also planned a vegan donut indulgence.

More motivation for the trip was to take some frozen soup to a friend whose Dad died on Monday. I've been stocking up our freezer when I make stuff, so it makes it easy to share.

I got to the donut shop and CK called to tell me my wallet was on the coffee table!!

A outage of the messenging app many friends use meant no one knew my plans either! I unexpectedly showed up at our friend's place, but it was a good surprise.

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