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Wall of F.I.N.E.

My Tuesday/Thursday classes are different, the students are more accepting of connection and philosophy. We've had a great discussion this week about being honest with people about how we're doing. I'm ultimately going to record a video about it, but this is a side note.

My friend HMP is open about using AA as a support for her life. She shared that she thinks in recovery people she knew would say "fine" stood for, "Fucked up, insecure, neurotic, and egotistical".

I thought about this and said a better way to say it would be, "ego driven". There's a lot of behavior that covers besides arrogance.

It works well. When we're feeling any of those ways we put up walls to keep people from seeing what's going on.

"I'm fine.", we say to people.

It's a good reminder, what is not ok for us that a wall of FINE is going up?

Insomnia brought on by the usual mind stuff about this unsafe country and a brutal storm that's covering us in snow and ice. COVID and warming shelters; I hope people are safe.

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